Dog Training

The Best Dog Training in Portland 

At Canine Country, we believe it’s time we all learn to live “The Dog Way”. Based on this philosophy, experienced trainer Shawn Riley offers many options for effective and affordable training. Take a look at the programs below, and then call to book your first session. 

Lifetime Dog Training Course $675

Our Life-Time Guarantee Gives You Unlimited Private Access to Training For YOUR Entire Life!


Our one-of-a-kind lifetime guarantee means: for the rest of YOUR life, no matter how many dogs you have now or ever get in the future, you will still have access to our instructor. This option is for those truly committed to their lives with their dogs. The program is an all-inclusive course designed for those who want the highest quality, most advanced and innovative training behavioral information and dog philosophy available anywhere. This comprehensive course is guaranteed to help you become a competent and confident personal dog trainer. After completing the course, your complete satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back.

In-Board Training (for your dog) $45/hour

Works best as part of the Lifetime Course.

Although only you can train your dog to fully respect you, we can help to make things a bit easier on both you and your dog. Allowing us to spend some time with your pet prior to your first training session will allow us to get to know them personally and gets them started on some of the more difficult skills you and they will be learning during the primary stages of training. If your budget will allow there is no better way to start. All in-board training is specifically designed, formatted and priced to fit you and your dogs special needs!

Private Training by the Hour  $120/hour

This option is perfect for your busy schedule!

For those who want quality time for their money but don’t need a full course. Designed for the experienced owner looking to further advance their skills such as tracking, agility, protection, advanced obedience and philosophy.

Call for Your Free Dog Training Consultation

If what you need or want is not listed here, please give us aa call at (503) 692-5226 and we will be glad to design a training program and price especially for you!