Learn To Live The Dog Way

"The Dog Way" training methods are lifetime proven canine strategies. By learning to understand and follow their life rules we can all have the happiest and emotionally, mentally and physically healthiest dog possible. 

Meet Our Training Expert

Shawn Riley

Shawn Riley is an experienced dog trainer who began working with dogs from a very young age. His training methods were so successful that dog owners started approaching him at the park to help with their dogs. That was 40 years ago. Since then, and lifetime of extensive experimentation, practice and experience and developing multiple boarding facilities.

Clients choose Shawn FOR his unique methods, "The Dog Way" methods which work in concert with a dog’s natural behavior and function in any setting. Shawn is always available to answer questions and provides a free consultation so dog owners can work with him to create the best plan for them and  their dogs.




Shawn is an experienced dog trainer who specializes in training "people" to understand and live “The Dog Way.” 

By Learning positive Canine communication skills, effective rule structures, proper socialization and 24hr living Skills.



Make the most of our dog training expertise with a custom course designed specifically for you and your lifestyle. Training courses include: Unlimited Consultations and Private Training Sessions. 

All training is lifetime guaranteed!!



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